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Zone Diet software and resources are provided free for the internet community for information purposes, NOT as medical advice.

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Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 4 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 4 blocks

Zone Diet Eggs Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Eggs Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Tofu Soy Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Tofu Soy Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet Breakfast 3 blocks

Zone Diet 2 hi-energy blocks midnight snack

Zone Diet 2 blocks midnight snack

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The Zone Diet Free Software Calculator

the zone diet free software

The Zone DIET CALC FREE software calculates zone blocks based on your food choice and nutritional values. It analyzes the macronutrient components of each food and compiles recipes in real time with control over the protein/carbohydrate/fat factor monitoring the balance while you change the weights of selected food.

Making 1 2 3 4 5 or more blocks recipes has never been so easy as with this free tool.

Main Features:

• Make your customized zone diet menus in minutes.
• Choose the source from more than 500 common use food.
• Print optimized recipes.

And the best of it is you can get all the above absolutely for FREE

• No registration required, no Join, no trial periods. Download, install and start using it.

Why using the free Zone Diet Software ?

With the Zone Diet you have to be precise if you want to lose weight.

You have to be very precise if you want to gain Sport performance, also.

We personally use the DIET CALC FREE every day!

We built it for us and want to share with the internet community.

Why using the free Zone Diet Software instead of ready made recipes? Simple:

1st the recipes always include sometinhg you don't have at home and can't replace, unless breaking the 40/30/40 balance.

2nd you will never find a recipe that meet 100% your taste and your habits.

3rd in most cases recipes found on books and sites are out of the zone range. Who prepare the recipes considers for simplicity the major macronutrients only, forgetting the minority parts that may bring out of the zone.


You are on your own responsibility with what you eat. Zone Diet software and resources are provided free for the internet community for an easy calculation of the meals and for information purposes, NOT as medical advice. Consult with your doctor before to enter any diet or for any doubt.

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